Among all those vital decisions you generally make in your life, building a home is a daunting one. The challenges that are associated with house building make it more difficult for average property owners. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind and consider with full attention. 

One of them is the type of home you need for your family. Before you consider the budget, the expectations or desires, it is necessary to understand the differences between the three common types of homes you can see in the UK. As per the expert builders in Dorking, these are;

  1. Custom Home
  2. Tract Home
  3. Speculative Home

Your builder or construction contractor will help you understand these differences and guide you to choose the right one per your requirements, planning permission, and budget.

What is a Custom Home?

The very name suggests the style and type of these homes. They are custom-made. Your builder will design and build the house as per your exact specifications. These houses are built to provide the owners with something tailor-made to match their unique lifestyle. From the roof to the patio – you can add and avoid features in your house as per your need and budget.

What is a Tract Home?

Have you ever driven to a neighbourhood where almost all the houses look similar in design, shape and style? If yes, then they are the perfect examples of tract homes. These homes are made in large numbers for a wide location with similar design and style. Hence, they look almost the same. These are cheaper than custom homes as builders build these properties in mass nature. If you wish to establish yourself as a landlord, investing in a tract home is an ideal option. 

What is a Speculative Home?

The name speculative home depicts its style to a great extent. These are like custom-made homes but designed and built by someone else. Top architects, civil engineers and builders build these homes with their own designing ideas and styles. They speculate what can be more interesting and suitable for clients. They add many interesting features to these projects to make them unique. Hence, you can get a unique home without getting directly involved in the project.

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