Families generally outgrow with time. The addition of new people, children and new pieces of furniture seems to make the available space small in size. For situations like this, the majority of the homeowners take a random decision of moving to a new property. However, this is a costly decision and can make a hole in your pocket. 

The best way to deal with such situations is to appoint professionals for property extensions in Reigate. Property extensions have several other benefits as well. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution. Hire reputed builders in Reigate and get your property extended instead of spending money on a new property. 

Read on to know how property extensions can help in the long run.

  1. It increases property value

If you create an extended kitchen, loft or bathroom, then automatically, the resale value of your property increases in the long run. If you want to move out in the future, then extra rooms and bathrooms will lend a positive side to your overall property extensions. On the contrary, buying a new home will not give you any monetary gain. 

  2. Saves money

Compared to moving to a new property, property extensions are less costly. Moreover, the time required is also less. If you need extra space immediately, then property extension is a more feasible option than the new homes. 

  3. Option of staying in the known locality

Extending your home allows you to stay in the same old home and the same locality. You don’t need to adjust to a new location. It is a mess-free process, and your old home seems as comforting as it was before the extension was done. 

  4. No stressful home removal process

For shifting to a new home, you need to move your belongings, pack and unpack things – the overall process is hectic and stressful. It might take several months to complete a home removal process successfully. However, if you go for an extension, there are no such hassles involved. You don’t need to move the existing belongings as well. The builders will tactfully construct the new part without creating any mess. 

  5. Ample creative options 

If you opt for extensions, you can get an ample number of creative extension options. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. These side extensions are either in the form of detached or semi-detached spaces. Some of the popular extensions include front, roof, conservatories and mezzanines. Since you’re taking up the project in your home, hence you’ll have huge exposures. 

With a combined experience of 110 years in home extension projects, M Wilson Builders can make successful extensions that are aesthetically pleasing and economically friendly. We offer customised extensions for every client. Hence, let us know your requirements and get the extension designed accordingly.