When it comes to creating an energy-efficient house, everyone wants a home that uses as little energy as possible. Saving both on the cost of household bills and environmental resources can be a wise decision. Here is an outline of the various eco-solutions to make your house more energy-efficient.


Insulation can be the most beneficial way to retain heat in your home. Such homes can reduce the possibility of damp later on. However, choosing the right insulation option isn’t the only option.

Loft Insulation

Poorly insulated lofts can be a massive cause of energy wastage. When you have an old house, it can create more significant issues as one-quarter of heat would be lost through the roof that is not insulated.

Insulating your loft or flat roof can significantly reduce heat loss and heating bills. Most of the building services in Reigate use rolls of mineral wool insulation between the joists for loft insulation.

Floor Insulation

Many people don’t check on floor insulation, but it can also help your house be more energy-efficient. Floor insulation is less expensive in comparison to another form of insulation. It helps a home by keeping the ground floor warmer.

Floor insulation can also be helpful if you have an old house. However, newer homes are more likely to have a concrete floor that may already be insulated.

Cavity Walls Insulation

When you have outer and inner walls, insulation the space between them can make your house warmer. This installation does not require a lot of time or money. Even it’s much cheaper than other forms of wall insulation. You can insulate cavity walls from the outside to prevent the mess inside. Make sure to hire a certified team for cavity walls insulation.

Air Quality

When you are installing insulations in your house to make it more energy-efficient, you have to ensure that your home is getting enough air. Installing a ventilation system can quickly solve this issue. With installing a ventilation system, you can remove the stale moist air building up within your house without losing the heat.


Whether you have an old house or a new property, you need to consider the heating and cooling of your home. After installing insulations, your house won’t need much heat. You will be able to use less electricity, oil and gas that can quickly reduce the household bills.

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