Terraces can be one of the most challenging places to renovate, especially if you are on a budget. They require a lot of breaking down and reconstruction to get a new look. However, low-budget transformations for your terrace is not entirely off the table.

Here we have for you five unique ideas to renovate your terrace at a pocket-friendly cost. Some of them you can go yourself, for others you might need to get in touch with a building services Sutton professional company.

  1. Install floating wooden planks

An elementary yet ingenious idea – install floating planks of wood along one wall of your terrace to use them as racks. You can keep small plant pots here and give your terrace a touch of green. You can also support other home décor items or books on them.

  1. Add a false ceiling above.

Giving your terrace a shade can completely turn around the look. It will protect the terrace from sunlight and rain, therefore making it a perfect sitting area. You can follow up with adding some sofas and couches if you want a full-blown living room here. Alternatively, you can throw in some bean bags and coffee tables to give it a casual hangout place look.

  1. Bring in a turf

It is said that the colour green makes any place look fresher. The shade, being the one of nature’s, is soothing to the eye and the mind. You can add a layer of artificial turf or grass to your terrace floor or a part of it. Being fake, you will not need to water it or maintain it daily – vacuum cleans it once in a while. The feeling of green grass beneath your feet is a heavenly one.

  1. Add an elevated deck

You can divide up your terrace into two and install an elevated wooden platform on one side. You can use this part for a sitting arrangement or as an area for your pot planters. Add a couple of steps as well, leading up to the platform. It will be useful for older adults and also add a new dimension to the deck.

  1. Think of creative lighting

A lot can be done with intelligent lighting installations. The excellent idea is to go for floor lighting. It brings a mystic vibe to the entire area with a soft, teeming glow. However, if you use your terrace a lot during night time, this is not convenient. In that case use wall accented lights or pendant lights for an added enchantment. You can fix lights under your plants as well, for a brilliant display of light and shadow.

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