Renovating or extending your house is a significant investment. Not only does it increase the value of your property, but it serves other purposes as well. If your home lacks space for something you want, an extension can save you from moving to find a new home. A loft conversion is one of the best options for a home. You can turn it into a guest bedroom, an office, a nursery or play area. The possibilities are unlimited when you choose the right builders in Dorking. According to the type of roof you have, your budget and your needs, you can get one of the following loft conversions:

  • Dormer Loft is one of the most popular loft conversions in the market. These are extensions that look at a box extending from your roof. It will give you ample headspace and is make the loft very spacious.
  • Next on the list is the Mansard Loft. This is done by raising your party wall or shared wall. You will have a flat roof in this conversion as well. The outer walls gently slope in but still provide the most headroom. This is the best suited to the rear of the house.
  • Hip to gable loft is another option you have when considering loft conversions. The slanted roof is extended into a flat wall in this type of conversions. You can combine it with the dormer loft for stunning results.
  • If you are running a bit tight on the budget, roofs light loft conversion is for you. It will allow light to come through a glass ceiling window and some basic floor installations will be enough. It might not be very spacious, but it serves the purpose well.

You will need planning permission for some of these conversions, so be sure to check that beforehand. You should choose a reputed company to get the best results. Several companies are offering excellent services in this field. They are one of the best builders in Dorking. You can contact them to turn your vision into a well-executed reality.