The Basics to Keep in Mind While Planning Home improvement

Even if you have outgrown the house, you currently live in, but the love towards the place remains unaltered because it’s “home”.  Any other site can never seem to be as good as your sweet home. The urge for creating more space is always there, and it is fascinating to bring about the changes and make room for the extra space creatively. Home improvements initiatives that involve extending the existing structure should never be a hasty decision. It should not be a casual ‘spur of the moment’ affair. One must put a lot of time and effort into the decision and the planning.

One step at a time

Given the advantage of planning, rethinking and then executing, the builders in Dorking must pay attention to a few things. Regardless of the direction to which the extension is planned – vertical or horizontal, one has to consider the factors like builders, logistics, budget and most importantly, the legalities involved. The house extension is allowed under “permitted development rights”, but they still need the approval from the “building regulations” department. Except for a few structures like conservatories, sheds and outbuildings, for all other arrangements, involving alterations, adherence to building regulations is a must. The only exclusion would be repair or maintenance work. Here are a few initiatives that require approval from the building regulations authority:

  • Redesigning window openings.
  • Installation of new heating apparatus.
  • Alteration of load-bearing walls.
  • Converting lofts.
  • Bath and kitchen installations looking for fresh plumbing
  • Construction of a new chimney

If the extension is supposed to be at about 3-meter vicinity of a sewer and if it is a shared sewer (serving sewage needs of more than a single property), then one would need the local water authority to issue a build over authorisation. It is essential to put inadequate consideration and verification as a community infrastructure levy (CIL) is possibly coming into effect. The norms vary from one area to the other.

Structural and aesthetic appeal

Once legal formalities are met, one needs to consider the structural, functional and aesthetic aspects of the venture. The factors such as the logistics and the architects should be taken into account. Many architects will instead be happy to undertake such a project.  The builders in Dorking should check around for recommendations. It is essential to take a look and judge for oneself if the quality of work meets one’s expectations. Brainstorm the ideas gathered and freeze the plan. One should also consider staying onsite or moving out as the spell of the makeover is going on. Since staying onsite may slow down the process, so necessary arrangements should be made, especially if the construction is mostly happening within the house.

Provisional Fund

Saving a fund for an emergency is essential. There are chances that additional requirements might arise at any time. Contingency funds take care of such instances.