If you think that your existing house is not enough to fulfil your space requirement, you can have two options. You can either build a bigger house or extend the existing one. The first option is costlier than the second one. But new builds always come with a lot of benefits. While house extension can solve your space issue within your budget, you can enjoy living in that same house with extended usable space. If you choose top Redhill builders, they will suggest which one will be a more reasonable property investment for you.

Benefits of New Builds

A newly built house means something particularly made for you, keeping your specific requirements in mind. The house will have everything you require to add more usable space according to your lifestyle and your family’s needs. 

From the roof to the driveways – everything will be built from scratch. Hence, the durability and efficiency will be much higher in a new house than in an old one.

Your builders in Redhill can use top-quality materials to build a robust structure. You can choose these materials and determine the quality of your new home.

When it is a new build, customisation can become easier. You can decide how big your living room will be or what should be the shape and size of your bathroom and kitchen. You can include as many bedrooms as you need to fulfil your space requirements.

Benefits of House Extensions

If you need to add some extra space but do not ready to leave your existing home, an extension is the best option for you. You can add as much space as you require (with proper planning permission) with the help of professional builders in Redhill.

The main benefits of house extension are it is a budget-friendly option for most homeowners. Compared with new builds, house extensions can be done with limited funds. 

Extensions always take less time. You can complete the project within a few weeks, while new builds take a few months to be finished. Hence, if you are in a hurry, you can also ask Redhill Builders for a small house extension that can be accomplished within a few days.

Unlike new builds, most house extension projects do not need planning permission if you are not getting some huge changes in your existing property structure. 

Work with Experts

No matter whether you choose new builds or extensions as a lucrative property investment option, you must choose reliable and efficient builders for the best service. M. Wilson Builders offer a wide range of building and construction services at competitive costs. We have a team of highly efficient and qualified builders with vast experience. 

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