Though there are numerous companies offering building services scattered all over Cheam, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the quality of construction is good enough. In fact, checking and measuring the quality of the construction is a must if you are willing to make an investment in an under-construction project.

Though every builder will claim to be the best in the industry, not all are. The easiest way to investigate a finished or under-construction project is by making a surprise visit. You can easily check the quality of construction at the site in a few easy ways.


5 Ways to Check and Measure the Quality of Your Construction While Availing Building Services in Cheam

  • Check the Design of the Structure

Not everyone willing to check and measure the quality of their construction is aware of the fact that the structural design of the building is a vital thing to consider. Unless you have prior experience in choosing the design of a structure, get in touch with an expert who will let you know whether the design crafted by your architect is suitable. It should be strong enough to resist the impact of a minor earthquake.

  • Investigate the Soil

The type and quality of the soil on which the building has been constructed are very important. The quality of soil differs from one location to another. If you are willing to construct a high-rise building, make sure that the soil variety is capable of bearing the foundation. Since black-cotton soil and clay-rich soil can expand, shrink and swell very easily, using them for construction is not advisable. Conducting a soil test will help you know about its quality and type.

  • Wall Thickness Inspection

Though the width of the walls will be mentioned in the layout agreements prepared by your developers, it is your responsibility to check whether he had put them into practice by visiting the construction site. You will know that low-quality material has been used during construction if you can easily make a hole in the walls. You can also tap your knuckles in the wall and check the type of sound it makes.

  • Examine the Paint and Plastering Quality

The plastering on the outer walls is another vital thing to consider. If you notice uneven cracks, it is an indication sign that the quality of your building’s foundation is not of high-quality. It is also the responsibility of the professionals offering building services in Cheam to use high-quality paint which can enhance the beauty of the walls and make them last longer.

  • Assess the Concrete Mix

Since concrete is a vital part of every construction project, check the concrete mix to know the material’s strength and you will know how much load is the structure capable of carrying. Though the concrete’s strength and quality are monitored by the developers, they might neglect to check its quality every time they are preparing the mix. This is why few developers prefer using ready-mix concrete.

These being said, make sure you check and measure the quality of your construction while availing building services if you want to make a wise investment.

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