Living in the same house as the one being renovated or remodelled can be quite a nightmare. There are noise, dust, and people in your home at all times. Cleanliness and privacy go right out of the window. Your everyday living gets disrupted, and your common spaces become inaccessible to you.

So, what will you do if you have to live in the house during a renovation project? Here are some tips.

1. Keep Only What is Needed, Move the Rest to the Basement

Now that you live in half or a quarter of the space you used to; you will have a lesser floor area to keep all the things you own. So, you can shift a few things to the basement that you will not need every day unless of course, the cellar itself is being remodelled.

2. Mark the Territories with Workers Strictly

Building services in Reigate are expected to be professionals. However, you will still have to have a chat with them, clearly communicating which areas are off-limits for the builders and which areas they can access.

3. Make Sure the House is Cleaned Everyday

When your house is an active worksite, it accumulates a dangerously high amount of pollution every day. Cleaning and disinfecting might seem pointless as it would get dirty the very next day, but it is of utmost importance. The house should be cleaned every day after work. Make it a point with the builders that this happens.

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