When it comes to planning a new build or executing the dream home extension, you need to hire the best builders for this job. The decision is important since it impacts the work outcome and finances. So, before hiring the builders in Sutton, you must ask them necessary questions to get your work done reliably. You should never shy away from doing this before consulting the good builders for your home improvement project.

Questions to Ask the Builders in Sutton

  1. How is Your Experience with Different Projects? 

It is important to choose the builders who have the right skill sets for the project. Hence you must ask them how many total projects they have handled so far. For extension, new build or loft conversion work, ask whether they have the expertise to execute it. Check their work portfolio to understand the quality of work they execute. Since you are investing your hard-earned money into it, ensure that your builder knows what work he is doing.

  2. Is the Builder from a Registered Company? 

Most builders work as part of a registered company. Often the companies are limited companies which means there is an element of separation between them as business and individuals. They protect and legitimises the builder and other dealings that the client has with them. 

You can check it easily by going through their past work. Ask for their confirmation over claims made against the company. This will let you examine if they have a good reputation and track record in the market.

  3. Are You Part of Any Builder’s Trade Association? 

Trade associations comprise  groups of people belonging to a particular profession. The members share information about their practices, policies and other specific things from the industry.  

You should ensure to ask the prospective builder if they belong to any trade association. You can then find where they came from. Eventually, it is necessary to make sure that they are active members of the group as well.  

All this will help you determine if the builder is up-to-date with industry knowledge and experience.

  4. Can I See a Project which is in Progress? 

While most clients hesitate to ask this, it is necessary to evaluate their quality of work. Strong credentials are vital which is why you can ask the builder to show samples of completed projects. You can visit the site and check their progress on ongoing building work. Any good reputable builder will have plenty of case studies to show you. All this is also an indication of how well the company operates.

  5. What is Your Price Quote or Estimate? 

Having information about this will help you narrow down your choices. The price quotation will adhere to the project scope, drawings, estimated time completion etc. Ask for a quotation to get an idea about the overall project, cost of materials and labour, rubbish removal cost etc.