In the recent past, the government has eased planning rules when it comes to home extensions. This particular change has allowed the homeowners more flexible options. It also increases the overall value of their home. Before the relaxation plans, one had the legitimacy to add a single-story extension that can be raised to 3 meters in overall depth for the attached property and it can be raised to 4 meters for a particular dethatched house. Currently, these distances have been doubled. You need to get started before the rule changes again. Get in touch with some Builders in Dorking and make your property the cynosure of all eyes.

The overall value that an extension can add

Frankly speaking, it is quite a task of difficulty to put across an exact estimate on this. It varies depending specifically on the type of extensions. Here we will provide some vital statistics that will help the viewers to get an understanding of the home extension.

Recent research and data findings

  • Research has estimated that an average three-bedroom dwelling place, found across that a double bedroom and en-suite will add up to 23% to the overall worth of the property.
  • The addition of an extra bathroom is capable of adding up to 6 %. You would be proud to know that the extra addition of a bedroom can go ahead to add up 12%.
  • It is a task of importance to remember all these statistics.
  • Do not forget that a tailored evaluation will need a prior consultation with your builder.
  • They can let you know the current market value of the overall property.
  • The potential value can be acquired once the major and minor changes are made.

Ways of adding values to the extension

A very vital thing to consider while adding some extra value to your extension is to ensure that it appeals to the taste of the average buyer. A basic thumb rule is to match the extension to the overall architectural style. You need to make sure that it connects well with the dwelling place and keep it in mind how it affects the overall layout.

Seeking help from professionals

Seek help from a professional architect and designer or Builders in Dorking. They will have the proven experience to ensure that the overall area meets the rules and laws and it will appeal to all the average purchasers and it connects the entire house and more importantly it will get the maximum out of the budget.

One needs to be strategic while planning the extension and create considerations who are going to be the future purchasers of the house. An improvement that allows creating extra value in one area might not always add value everywhere. For example, an extra bathroom or larger kitchens are valued investment in a family-sized dwelling place, but in urban area addition of garage can add some extra bit of value.

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