A home extension is an encompassing term. The term means extending a part of the house, which will inevitably add to the financial valuation of your house. Whether adding a new room, extending the kitchen or converting a loft to use it as a room – every possible way of home extension is a financial addition.

While your heart might be aching at the thought of the initial investment, remember that this simple extension will fetch you returns in the coming days. For the best advice on building services in Sutton related to extensions, approach professional builders in Sutton. They have experience in dealing with all types of home extensions. They will figure out the right home extension type that will fit the available space and budget.

Here are a few home extensions that unarguably add value to the house.

What are the Different Types of Home Extensions that Can Improve the Financial Value?

  • Loft Conversion and Extension

If you have a dingy unused loft in the corner of the house, it’s time you plan on using the same. Refurbishing the same can turn the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Yes, you can change it into a usable, functional room with proper loft conversions. This is a cost-effective extension that adds to the financial value of the property. This simple initiative can readily increase the sale value of your property.

  • Addition of Floors

This is the most traditional form of home extension. This is a complicated and time-consuming process. Moreover, you need a good backup fund before hiring a builder for a floor extension. Unarguably, it will increase the value of your home, but it will also make a hole in your pocket. So be prepared financially before opting for the same.

  • Separate Dwelling Place

This is possible if you have a lot of property left around the house. You can plan to build a dwelling cottage separately from the main house. This is not only a big addition in terms of money but also helps you get a separate build-up that you can use for rental or commercial purposes later on.

  • Outward Extension

Sometimes, the outer limits of the property are good enough to provide the opportunity to opt for an outward extension. Extending outwards is affordable and can help you get a lot of space. This is generally done with dining rooms, kitchens or porches.

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