Often the need for extra space leads people to build a larger home. However, with the growing cost of properties in Dorking, most of the time, they prefer to extend their existing home. 

Choosing between new builds and home extension is not tough when you focus on a few vital factors. Top builders in Dorking also help their clients in determining which one will suit their budget and requirements.

Important Factors to be Considered

  • Benefits of New Builds

You can fulfil your dreams of living in a big and stylish house when you start the project from scratch. A new build will help you design your house’s layout as per your desire and needs. From deciding the numbers of bedrooms to positioning the kitchen – everything will be designed and built as per your plans. You can also decide the architecture of your new build as per the size and shape of the adjoining landscape.

  • Benefits of Home Extension

A home extension is always a great idea for people who wish to fulfil their requirement of extra space without spending a huge amount of money. Adding a stylish conservatory or going for a loft conversion will help you to extend the usable space of your home without a massive investment. The extension will improve the appearance of your house. At the same time, it will also increase the overall value of your property.

  • Hiring a Reliable Builder

No matter whether you are looking for an expert in new builds or a home extension, you must contact a reliable and experienced builder for the construction job. He will discuss your requirements, desires and budget before offering you the right suggestions.

They will help you to choose the best design plans, materials and other suppliers so that your construction project will be successful. In some cases, these experts also help their clients in getting the planning permission.

At M . Wilson Builders Ltd., our experts provide clients with affordable and excellent building jobs. Both new builds and home extensions are our specialties. Please get in touch with us to know all details.