Everyone in the construction industry is aware of the importance of building services. They are basically the systems which are installed in a building while construction with a focus on making them more efficient, functional, comfortable and safe. Unless you have adequate knowledge about these services, get in touch with renowned builders with years of experience in supplying building services to homeowners. They will provide you with a list of building services so that you can choose a system which suits your needs.


Top 6 Systems Included In Building Services

  • Building Management Systems

These computer-based systems are quite important as they help in monitoring and controlling the various building services. Buildings managers get an idea about how the buildings are operating so that they can optimise their performance by controlling and adjusting the systems. Reports are generated automatically and the manager is alerted when parameters are exceeded.

  • HVAC

The HVAC or the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is quite vital as they help in maintaining the quality of the internal air and regulate the internal humidity and temperature. Whether the HVAC systems will serve a specific space or will be centralised in a building is completed dependent on the builder and architect. Sometimes, they are even connected with the district cooling or heating network.

  • Lighting And Lightning Protection

The primary function of the lighting equipment in a building is to produce light. This not only includes artificial lights and lamps but even natural light which is often used to provide illumination. A lightning protection system, on the other hand, helps in keeping your building protected from any sort of damage caused due to lightning.

  • Facade Engineering

For someone not aware of the term, ‘facade’ is the external wall or vertical face of a building envelope. The focus of every construction worker is on designing a high-quality facade which will not only helps in improving the energy efficiency of the building but even ensure its long-term sustainability.

  • Fire Safety And Detection

The easiest way to keep your building protected from heat and smoke is by designing it in such a way so that they don’t cross the acceptable level of fire safety. It is the responsibility of the builder to design the boiler houses, plant rooms and kitchen in such a way so that the threat of ignition minimises. Residents can have complete peace of mind when the risks of heat and smoke minimise.

  • Escalators And Lifts

Lifts or elevators have become quite common in public buildings, multi-storey buildings and offices nowadays as they help in transporting people and goods between different floors, decks and levels. The vertical circulation provided by them is very essential in tall buildings, especially where building users travel on wheelchairs or are non-ambulant.

Since you are now aware of the vital systems included under building services, it’s time you choose the ones you need and ask your builder to include them while constructing your building.