Home extension is always helpful to address the space availability issues with the increase in the number of belongings or family members over time. However, every homeowner should always consider all the important factors before starting this considerably massive task. Consulting with a team of highly efficient builders in and around Sutton will allow you to systematically plan the budget and prepare a checklist to help you keep on the right track.

Things to consider before home extension

Following here are some of the major things you should consider before planning to extend your home.
Will it be Purposeful?
First and foremost, it is important to evaluate the problems you’re facing related to space availability and ensure that extending your home is the ideal solution to the same. Property extension is undoubtedly an expensive project, which is why you must decide whether it will be purposeful.
Do you have Enough Budget?
The factors which will influence your property extension budget should always be taken into consideration. Though you will primarily focus on the contractor materials and fees, there are several other hidden costs that should be considered. Some of such types of expenses include:

1. Land tax and stamp duty
2. Legal fees
3. Architecture fees
4. Measured surveys
5. Building regulation fees
6. Warranty
7. Structural engineer fees
8. Planning application fees
9. External works
10. Waste disposal and more

How Much Time is Required for the Extension Project?

Home extension is never an easy or quick job. And this is why you should always get a clear idea of the total time required to complete the entire process. It requires around 8-10 weeks to get the planning permission. Moreover, it might take up to 2-3 months to receive the party wall agreement with the neighbour.

Have you Taken the Building Regulations into Consideration?

Before commencing any home extension project, it is a basic requisite to stay aware of the building regulations. Make sure that you follow all the safety standards to which your property must adhere to. These are extensive and cover a number of issues, including:
1. Safety
2. Structure
3. Ventilation and sound
4. Toxic substances
5. Site preparation
6. Hygiene
7. Conservation of fuel and power
8. Electrical safety in the dwellings
9. Protection from collision, impact and falling

The Final Thoughts

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