A successful new build project demands a strong relationship between you and your builder. It is required to be clear and prompt about your requirements while discussing your project plan with a potential builder in Sutton. Your potential builder should also keep things transparent with you while offering you the service. From the materials they use to the estimated time for your project – everything must be discussed clearly between you two before starting the work.

However, there are certain things that you should never hide from your builders. Often homeowners are afraid of saying or discussing these things with their builders, but it should not be done. 

  • Your Budget for the Project

Hiding the actual budget for a certain construction project from the builder will make things worse than you imagine. You have to be totally clear and honest about your budget while hiring the expert for your project. There is a clear difference between how much money a person has and how much money he is ready to spend for a certain project. You have to understand this difference because the rest of the decisions will be based on the amount you are ready to spend.

  • Your Knowledge about Construction Job

There is no embarrassment in having little or zero knowledge about the construction process. It is the job of highly trained professionals. If you are not one of them, you might not know the difference between plastering and rendering. If you are not aware of a certain part of the construction, say it clearly to your builder. Do not pretend that you know everything. Your builder might help you to know things better when you admit your lack of knowledge.

  • Time You Really Wish to Move-In

Not giving a certain deadline to finish the project will make things more challenging for both of you. Your builders should have a certain time limit to finish the job. Tell them about the exact time you want to move in so that they can finish the task of construction within the same and deliver you the new build as per your requirements.

As the owner of the property, you should never hide these vital factors from your builder before or during the project.

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