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Property Extensions in Dorking

When looking for a property with more space and feeling like you’re out-growing your current home, why not consider adding a house extension or conversion? Property extensions and property conversions in Dorking are ideal for creating spacious, open living spaces or for adding extra rooms in your property, without having to go through the stress or expense of buying somewhere else. A house extension or conversion also gives you the perfect opportunity to design a space to suit your lifestyle and taste, such as having builders expose beautiful brickwork or building a contrasting glass extension.

Semi-detached houses make up a large amount of properties in the UK, providing affordable, pleasant houses for individuals and families to live. In Dorking, there are many semi-detached properties and although perfectly liveable, one set back of them is that they can lack space, with Victorian properties especially often containing narrow kitchens and rooms. Rather than selling or missing out on a fantastic property, homeowners and buyers in Dorking could instead use professional builders to construct property extensions or undertake property conversions for creating much-needed space.

Planning a Semi-Detached House Extension

When building an extension for a semi-detached house, we always recommend checking if you need planning permission and to let your neighbours know of your plans. On many occasions, you will not require formal planning permission if your house extension design meets current PDR policies. For example, an extension to the rear of the house should only reach 3m and new brickwork may need to match any existing brickwork.

For larger and more complex property extensions, you may require full planning permission from local Dorking building regulation authorities. You will also need this if you own a listed building or are situated in a conservation area. At M Wilson Builders, we can assist with planning permissions and provide free advice to help you begin your house extension smoothly.

Design Ideas

If you’re unsure about how to extend your semi-detached property or are interested in discussing property conversions, contact our team of expert builders. With over 110 years of combined experience in property extensions, property conversions and professional brickwork, our team has the knowledge and expertise to advise on different types of single-storey or multiple-storey extensions to suit your house.

Some of the most popular extensions for semi-detached properties in Dorking and the wider Surrey areas, are single-storey rear or ‘side-return’ extensions. Often used to create a spacious kitchen/diner, you often won’t need formal planning permission and they have less of an impact on your neighbour than a two or three-story property extension would.

If you own a listed building in Dorking, you may need to have your builders match any brickwork, render or roof slates on a new house extension, to that of your existing property. If not, then you may want to consider playing around with design ideas that contrast nicely with old brickwork, for example:

  • Glass House Extension Constructions
  • Wooden Cladding
  • White Rendered House Extension
  • Slate Style Property Extensions
  • Coloured Brickwork

At M Wilson Builders, we construct quality property extensions, property conversions and brickwork in Dorking and the wider Surrey areas. Call 01737 221574 for a free site survey.

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