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The Benefits of Property Extensions in Redhill

Over the years M Wilson Builders have carried out many property extensions and property conversions in the Redhill area. Property extensions are a popular way of providing homeowners with much needed space at their homes. On this page we’ve looked into what benefits you can gain by using our builders for this type of project.

Adding a bedroom to your existing home is a great way of increasing value to your Redhill property. There are plenty of three bedroom homes in the area but not so many 4 bedrooms. Property conversions like this will not only give you the room required but will also pay for itself, as your house price could rise up to as much as 15% immediately.

If you have the budget, we’d always recommend having two storey property extensions. In recent years, we’ve found that homeowners in Redhill would rather build on their existing building than move to a bigger house. With two storey property extensions you can add a bedroom but also extend the kitchen, build a new bathroom, use as a play area for the kids or turn one of the levels into an office. The choice is yours!

Another popular choice is loft conversions. They have all the advantages of property extensions but without having to alter the shape of your Redhill home. By using all the unused space under your roof, our builders are able to carry out property conversions without using up valuable outdoor space. Most loft conversions don’t need planning permission either.

Skilled Brickwork Services

Our skilled brickwork team can produce property extensions with a stylish aesthetic to blend in with your original features. There’s no point having property conversions if the outdoor design doesn’t match up or complement the original architecture. That’s a sure-fire way to decrease value to your Redhill home.

Another recommendation we suggest is not to overbuild. By taking up vital garden space, it can have a negative effect on the property market value. Our builders always work closely with the client to get the balance of the property extensions right. From the initial quote to the completion of the job, we are on hand to make sure that the job gets finished exactly to the specifications.

We can take care of all planning permission and building regulations so you don’t have to and each of our builders is fully qualified in their chosen trade. From brickwork to plumbing and everything in-between, we can produce high standard property extensions and conversions at affordable prices.

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